Growing Your Own Organic Produce – SeedsNow.com

Have you ever wanted to grow your own organic produce but you didn’t know where to start? Or perhaps you have had a garden but want to expand or now you are wondering about integrating hydroponics? Listen to Chris Surabian from SeedsNow.com answer these questions by clicking here: http://ow.ly/lkXyi

Some say growing your own food is like growing money especially when it comes to organic produce. Many feel eating organic is cost prohibitive, but that can be resolved by growing your own food at home even with limited space using containers.

Chris spoke on the variety of seeds available to plant, what to be planting now and how easy it is to start growing your own organic produce. Seeds might be tiny but they provide the life giving food your body needs. However, all seeds are not created equal. Many seeds today are genetically modified. To learn more about why this matters, click here. Grow Organic with 100% Fresh Heirloom NON-Genetically Modified (NON-GMO) Seeds with SeedsNow.com. You can follow SeedsNow.com on Facebook  or Twitter.

Purchase your seeds through my affiliate link: www.seedsnow.com



May Day – 5 R’s

Many referred to May 1st as “May Day. I’m using the entire month of May as my personal May Day. I’m taking time to:






I have felt out of whack the last couple of months from traveling & just being busy. I will be blogging about my month and sharing with you how I am accomplishing these 5R’s.

What I’ve done so far:

  • I bought 1 hour massages to do twice a week for the entire month. I started last week :). My masseuse will be on the show this month talking about the importance of this much needed relaxation inducing therapy.
  • I scheduled my Chiropractor care three times per week.
  • I purchased several books I plan on reading this month, I read one today. My desire is to read one book per week. So far I’ve read this one: Fasting and Eating for Health by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I love learning and I can’t get enough! Next book on deck is Margin. It’s actually a re-read but I need to remind myself of the importance of this topic since all I have been doing lately is rushing from one place to the other. My speeding ticket on Monday reminded me how Margin is so critical in my life.
  • I am taking baths with salts and essential oils and Epsom salt to relax and detox along with music and candles.
  • I’m taking the time to absorb Vitamin D (a.k.a as the Sun) whenever possible like the past few days here in Chicago have been super nice.
  • Made food that I really love not thinking about whether or not it will help me to detox or lose weight but that fits the category of clean eating which means whole real foods. For example, today for breakfast I had a mono meal of organic bosc pears and made a smoothie for lunch with an orange, frozen mangoes and aloe vera juice.

I love helping others but when I am depleted it makes it impossible to have anything to give and that’s a clear sign that these 5 R’s are in order. How about you, anyone else taking a May Day? Please share with me what you love to do to help take care of yourself. I’m open to any suggestions you may have to offer.


Bring life back to your table with real food – Chef Kirsten

Listen to the story of personal chef, nutrition consultant and lifestyle and weight management specialist, Kirsten Helle. To listen to the replay of this show click hereTo take advantage of her offer on the show to receive one month free meal plans email her directly at  mesadevida@live.com and put in subject line: free month weekly meal plan.

Kirsten spent most of her life overweight and obese, unhappy with herself and feeling like she would never be able to get healthy. That is until she had her “aha” moment and started living to create a legacy of health for her and her family. She has achieved a 100 pound weight loss naturally by choosing real food.  She now helps others create their own healthy family legacies….bringing more life to the table one delicious meal at a time!

Kirsten shared her journey about the new life that she has created for herself and how one meal at a time helped her see the weight come off naturally. What many people can’t believe is how she transforms traditional meals into ‘healthified’ versions that are delicious yet seem forbidden when trying to lose weight.

The biggest take away I took from her story is how much she changed her mindset. She stopped dieting and started eating real food. When her brother also started eating real food, he lost weight but Kirsten said this profound statement about his weight loss, “I wasn’t celebrating the weight loss but the years he added to his life.” How true this is, it’s not about the weight loss but about the health that we add to our lives. I believe this is the key to ensuring a successful weight loss that will last a life time. I love to see people change their life and Kirsten is a beaming example of true health change.

Chef Kirsten is honored to be the 2013 American Heart Association BetterU Campaign Facilitator and Mrs. Washington International Nourishment Coach. To learn more about Chef Kirsten visit her website: www.mesadevida.com and like her FB page.


Why Quitting Sugar Changed My Life

Quitting Sugar – Can It Change Your Life?

This show has been rescheduled for Saturday, April 13th starting at 9pm Eastern  for the United States. The show will be live in Australia on Sunday, April 14th at 11am Eastern. To listen click here: http://tobtr.com/s/4549807

If you have ever attempted to quit eating sugar, you will know that it’s no easy feat. Why? Because sugar can be found in  practically everything today, from ketchup to bread to spices and the list goes on. Really, in order to avoid sugar you have to be an expert at reading labels and identifying all of the names that products use to disguise sugar. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is a big culprit as are the artificial sweeteners like Aspartame and even sugar alcohols like malitol and sorbitol, all of which can wreak havoc on your body if you are trying to eliminate sugar due to health issues. If the label has any words ending in “ose”, “ol” or “syrup” then know that it has some form of sugar. So in a world where sugar appears in all things, how does one quit eating this substance that is so addicting?!

Enter my next guest Samantha Sutherland, who recently wrote an article, Why Quitting Sugar Changed My Life. When I read it, I knew I had to have her on the show to explain her story further for all of us who have tried quitting sugar and have not had much success just because it’s so difficult. You will discover that Samantha considered herself a yo-yo dieter who could not get food off of her mind, can anyone relate? Of course, we all can if we have struggled to get to our ideal body weight.

After many attempts at quitting sugar, Samantha was finally able to do it and the result was FREEDOM. Freedom in a way she never experienced before. Tune in to the show this upcoming Sunday and learn about this freedom that Samantha has discovered and see what you can learn about how to quit sugar once and for all.

Samantha Sutherland is a Sydney-based health coach and the passion behind The Happy Eater. She helps women find a balanced lifestyle full of nutrition for mind and body; whole foods, whole happiness. The Happy Eater gets women off the diet yo-yo and leaves them feeling energetic, smiley and alive!

Connect with Samantha Sutherland: thehappyeater.com.au You can also like her Facebook Page: The Happy Eater

3 ricks

Constructing A New Rick – 180lbs lost in one year

Meet Rick Wyckoff, a man who decided one day a year ago to change his life – One Step At A Time. Rick was on the show, Sunday, February 17th  and shared how he lost 180lbs in one year. Click here to listen to the show as it aired on Sunday.

Read what he has to say about his journey this past year:

“…I decided to change my life, drop the weight and get fit. It’s been the absolute hardest thing I’ve ever done, but also by far the most rewarding. It’s a constant battle 24/7. I’ve definitely had my ups and downs during this past year, but what’s so great about that is that prior to this, I don’t remember having so many ups and downs. Life was just pretty numb. Now I have a drive and determination to better myself that just grows everyday.

Motivations and the excitement of getting healthy comes and goes, it really boils down to being disciplined and doing it on the days I don’t feel like it. That’s the only way I’m going to make this work. Can’t wait to see what I can accomplish in another year. I want to get my bf% down to where I can get the excess skin removed. I also want to start hitting the weights hard and start building muscle. Lots to accomplish this next year, and I’m so glad to have you all here to support me along the way!”

Three things that stood out from our conversation with Rick:

  1. Your health is a reflection of your lifestyle
  2. Take 15 minutes for yourself to do something for you.
  3. Partner with someone who can believe in you to achieve the things you dream of to help them become a reality. This can be applied in all areas of your life not just health.

I hope you take this message to heart and take action!


Hope Egan – Does God Care About What We Eat?

This show is for all people of all beliefs. However, I featured Hope Egan because she was the first person who taught me about eating healthily and guided me towards what the Bible says about healthy living. Listen to the show here.

Hope shared how God helped her through her food addiction issues and how candida helped her focus on eating healthy to get better. She also shared how she reconciled her Jewish roots and her Christian beliefs as it pertains to how God created our bodies and food. Hope went from barely being able to boil water to creating tasty and delicious recipes which can be found in her book, What The Bible Says About Healthy Living Cookbook. She also penned Holy Cow, where she poignantly answers the following questions:

  • Does God care about what we eat?
  • Does what Levictus 11 say about food still apply to us today?
  • Has God changed his mind from the Old Testament to the New Testament?

These were the questions that helped shape this show. The goal of this show was to see Scripture in a new way as it pertains to the food God outlined for us to eat. It can be both challenging and humbling to know that the God who created you has also devised a plan to ensure you eat the best foods for optimal health.

You can learn more about Hope by visiting her website: http://www.biblicaleating.net. She also has her own radio show every Saturday at 9pm Central called Life with Hope and Friends. Learn more about the radio show here.

From overweight to Fab in Bikini - total lost 110lbs.

Michelle Mohr – From 100lbs overweight to Fab in a Bikini

These days it gets harder and harder to believe that the average person can indeed change their life completely and manage to lose weight without the madness of yo-yo dieting or surgery. Listen to the archive of this show as we heard Michelle Mohr, from Food Smartie dispel this belief. Michelle was an average overweight woman who decided to change her life by making different choices so that she would STOP being “invisible” and being the “fat friend.” Click here to listen to the archive.

Have you ever felt invisible? Do you wish people would stop telling you that you have a beautiful face and the compliments stop there? Perhaps, you don’t get any. Or maybe you feel like Michelle felt and are tired of being the “fat” one in the group of people around you.

Michelle is a great example of how losing 100lbs has managed to bring her the life that she wanted and it all started with a choice to make a change. Her inspiring and amazing transformational journey has landed Michelle to be featured in People Magazine, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and The Doctors to name a few. I hope this show encourages you and inspires you to choose a different life than than the one you might feel stuck in.

Michelle’s story was another great reminder that we can make the changes we need to achieve total health and wellness from the inside out.

Feel free to like Michelle’s FB Page.


About me Collage

My Story

Hello and welcome. My name is Faith and I have been on a journey to wellness for the last 10 years.

Like most Americans I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life. It all started after my first pregnancy because prior to that I had been thin and never knew anything about being overweight. After the birth of my first son, I gained 30 lbs. I then began the insanity of dieting. After my second son was born, I gained an additional 70lbs and the saga continued.

During the past 10 years, I have  lost 50 lbs and then managed to gain it all back bringing me to a total of 108 lbs overweight. I am currently in my third major attempt to go back down in weight because I had never addressed the core issues but only the symptoms. I started off at 108 pounds overweight in June 2011. Since then I have lost 55lbs. I still have 53lbs more to lose to reach my ideal weight. I have learned many things along the way.

I have had many Day One’s in this journey but I know that June 2011 was my last. It has taken me over a year to lose 55 lbs because I have had to deal with hypothyroidism, depression, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue and food addiction. I’m happy to report that I am no longer depressed, have chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue and my thyroid functions normally. I would still consider myself to be a food addict but I am working every day to overcome this issue and to finally be set free from using food as a source of comfort instead as source of nourishment.

I have tried what seems to be every diet ever promoted in hopes that this time it was for real that I would finally lose the weight. However, what I have learned is that it’s not all about a diet but about changing from within and addressing the core issues that keep us where we are. Then and only then can we change the outside but it has to start with what’s deep inside of us and not by just treating the symptoms. We all have a story and I hope my story inspires and encourages you to just start and never give up on your journey to total health and wellness. Or if you have already started to keep going!

Listen to my journey as I shared it on the first show by clicking here. I look forward to hearing your story and I also look forward to hearing how this show can help you in your journey to total health and wellness.


Eli Sapharti – 110 Pounds Lost

It was great to have Eli Sapharti on the show to share his journey with us. He was on the show on Sunday, January 27, 2013. Click here to listen to his story as it was shared on the show.

Perhaps you saw him in People magazine, Good Morning America, Inside Edition or The Doctors, but Eli Sapharti is a REAL guy who has transformed his life by losing over 100 POUNDS and is now helping others transform theirs by motivating, inspiring and teaching them how to live his “One Step at a Time” principles. As a world renown motivational speaker and an expert weight loss coach, Eli is positively affecting the lives of many.

Feel free to visit his website www.fatboyfitman.com or follow him on his very motivational Facebook page facebook.com/FatBoyFitMan


Welcome to True Health Talk!

This show is dedicated to every single person who has thought that they can never be healthy, lose weight, feel normal, be active, and has felt hopeless, depressed, addicted to food, miserable, despairing, and just downright tired of living in their own skin. I know these feelings all too well and I know that with support and truly understanding how foods can actually heal your body from the inside out you too can overcome these issues. We can all do it together so join me and Let’s Talk  True Health!